Is UCD the same as ‘Self-Sovereign-Identity (SSI)’ ?

Yes and no. SSI is a term used by some companies to describe software that enables  (i) organisations to issue one or more ‘verified credentials’ to an individual; and (ii) the individual to control who should see such credentials.   Here the term ‘ verified credential’ means much the same as what UCDx calls ‘trustworthy […]

Is UCD linked to Evernym / Inrupt / DataSwift

Ideally, organisations  participating in UCD should be able to purchase software components from a deep market of suppliers, all offering standards compliant code. Everynm is one early supplier in the market, and seems to be committed to interoperability; others are emerging and have a similar commitment to interop. Inrupt and Dataswift are further software developers […]

Will UCD software be open-standard / open-source?

UCDx will maintain and enforce open standards to ensure interoperability between the software components used by all the participants in UCD infrastructure. Whether any components are made available open-source is a secondary issue, to which the answer is not yet clear.   It may be that software components are made available free issue to any organisation […]

Will UCD use Artificial Intelligence?

In time. The main idea between UCD is to give individuals control over their own data. Once they have such control, they may well choose to give an AI access, seeking advice or guidance.  And if they don’t like the results, they can switch to a different AI, or turn the thing off entirely.

Will UCD use Blockchain?

Not necessarily. UCD can be built without block-chain – which is just one technical option and in no way a panacea. If used at all, the most likely application is for the exchange of public keys between parties.