pds providers

A number of consumer-facing companies have agreed to work with UCDx to create, or at least are least interested in the idea of creating, a managed market of Personal Data Service (PDS) providers. Their role will entail:

  • collaborating with UCDx, and its appointed development company, to create and /or endorse the necessary technical specifications and software standards
  • entering into appropriate contractual relationships, as part of the UCD Trust Framework
  • procuring, or developing in-house, and then implementing, standards-compliant software
  • participating in demonstrations in order to attract service providers (initially probably learning providers) to host UCD pilots
  • participating in UCD pilots, at scale, in which they will compete for custom from individuals

Membership of what we call the PDS Providers’ Interest Group (PPIG) is, currently, free of any charge or formal commitment, so members are able to join or leave at will. In time, a formal members’ charter may be introduced.

The following organizations have agreed to be members of the PPIG, and have their names shown on this website. All are certified as Identity Providers against DCMS’s Trust Framework. Further members  are very welcome: please contact us.


Based in Cardiff, Credas describes itself as a “a simple, slick and smart digital due diligence provider transforming the way businesses manage their compliance and customer onboarding processes”. They see the development of personal data services  (a.k.a enhanced digital walllets) as an interesting next step.

nuggets logo

Nuggets describes itself as the “provider of the only identity super wallet: the singular solution for all of your identity, transaction, privacy and security needs”. It sees the need for a UCD-style managed-market of wallet providers.


Based in the Hague, Digidentity describes itself thus: ” Digidentity is more than just a name. We are the market leader for eSigning and secure online identity products and services. We build our systems in line with out mission, and on the strength of our values.”


Yoti began in 2014 by building a free consumer app that puts your ID on your phone. Today, Yoti has over 12 million app downloads around the world, and offers a suite of solutions spanning identity verification, age estimation, e-signing and AI anti-spoofing technologies. They see UCD as a promising next step.