UCD can only be made to happen through collaboration between:

. . . which means that UCDx, as the third-sector advocate for the proposal, needs to start by persuading government. It is a long task, since government rarely moves quickly. Here are the papers that we have submitted over the last few years .

UCD and Open Banking 
– March ’20

This is a discussion note about complementarity between,and possible convergence of, PDE and current work on Open Banking. It was written – in March 2020 – to summarise certain conversations with people working for the Open Banking Implementaion Entity. Note that the term ‘User Control of Data’ is beginning to replace PDE, since it seems better to describe the problem we are trying to fix, rather than the solution.

Submission to DCMS Call for Evidence – Sep ’19

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport(DCMS) issued a call for evidence about digital identity in mid-2019, with a submission date in mid-September. This document is PIB-d’s contribution, and argues – amoung many other points- that the real problem is not ‘digital identity’ specifically. but ‘user control of trustworthy personal data’ generally. As of April 2020. DCMS has still not produced the expected report from the consultation exercise.

Complementing Verify -2016

The Cabinet Office, Which coordinates work across UK government departments, has created the GOV.UK verfiy service to enable individuals to prove their identity online. This paper – which is well supported by leading academics and by much of the UK’s personal data community -argues that a personal Data Ecosystem (PDE) will complement Verify, particularly in helping young people gain an assured identity, by enhancing privacy, and by providing a better way to approch ‘ attribute exchange’.