Why should I, as an individual, want a PDS account?

It won’t change your life. But doing stuff on line will gradually become better: few usernames and passwords better security and privacy greater convenience as you find you can control the sharing of data provided by one service provider to other service providers, starting in education with a portable personal achievement record and greater choice, […]

Why do I need a PDS provider?

There is a purist approach to UCD in which individuals don’t need a UCD provider, and rely instead only on software installed only on their own device. While it might be possible to make this work technically, there are two main reasons why we think there is a need to involve UCD providers The first […]

Will a PDS cost me anything ?

No. The costs of running the UCD infrastructure will be paid by the service providers who choose to interact with you via your PDS. And they will be happy to pay in return for a better experience for their customers, lower costs, and easier compliance with data protection legislation

What happens if a PDS provider fails ?

Since UCD providers will be private sector companies, all competing for custom from individuals, there is a possibility that one or more could either fail commercially, or simply decide to exit the PDS market. Should this happen, the company in question will be obliged – under its contractual agreements with UCDx – to allow all […]

Who will be the first PDS providers?

There is already one PDS provider in the UK, Mydex CIC. It seems to be active mainly in the health sector. But the new approach can only become infrastructure, and reach national scale, if users are given a choice between different PDS providers, and are assured of interoperability and account portabiity between them. When this […]

Can I delete my PDS account?

Yes.Just as an individual can choose to  destroy a real-world wallet, and everything within it, so an individual will be able to delete their own  PDS account and associated data. If they do so, they will have to re-establish online relationships with every service provider by some other means. This will be difficult, but the […]

Will my PDS provider (or others) have access to my data?

Not in normal use. A PDS provider does not have the right  to look inside an individual’s Personal Data Service (e-wallet) or make any use of the data therein. However,  occasions may arise where a PDS provider, probably working on behalf of others (such as the State or a relative) needs to gain access to […]

Will I have to have, or use, a unique identity / number?

No. UCD will be designed to avoid – at the infrastructure level – any unique identifiers for individuals, making it more difficult for counterparties to exchange personal data between their back offices without involvement of the individual. Instead, they will need  to ask the individual, via their PDS account, to disclose the data. Note, however, […]

How many PDS accounts can I have?

As many as you like. But – just as too many bank accounts or wallets becomes a nuisance – so most people will find that it’s easier to have just one or two PDS accounts. Otherwise, they may find that the data that they need to share via one account can only be accessed by […]

Will I have to prove my identity in order to open a PDS account?

No. Just like signing up for a conventional account on any website, the only thing that an individual must prove to open a PDS account is that they are human (probably by solving a captcha). Later, when using a PDS account to set up an online relationship with a service provider, it’s the service provider […]