learning providers

A number of learning providers have kindly agreed to join UCD’s new Learning Provider Reference Group (LPRG), in which role they will:

  • maintain occasional dialogue with UCDx, and its appointed development company, as the specifications, standards and software required by UCD are developed;
  • advise – in particular – on necessary interfaces with existing software systems (e.g. learning management, and management information, systems);
  • give feedback on ecosystem demos, when available; and – when all is ready – give serious consideration to hosting pilots.
The current members of the LPRG are shown below. Further members are very welcome: please contact us.

The University of Reading gained university status in1926, and now serves some 19,000 students (of which about 30% are post-graduate) using 4 distinct campuses (of which 3 in or near Reading and one in Malaysia.) The University was ranked 31 out of 121 UK universities in the 2023 Complete University Guide.

The Activate Learning group is the parent organization of 7 Further Education Colleges in the South-East of England and – through the Active Learning Education Trust – of 4 University Technical Colleges and 2 secondary schools.