Most people agree that UCD will be useful once it reaches ubiquity. The question is how to get there. Education provides the best (and possibly the only practical) starting point. The graphic explains why.

So the lead UCD application will be:

. . . to be used by learners as a point in the cloud from which to

showing proof of qualifications and (if necessary) identity, at each stage

Data infrastructure in the UK education sector is ripe for reform.

Learners :

The Learning Records Service is the clearest signal of the need for change:



Student Loan Company



Universities and Colleges Admission Service



Massive Online Open Course/Online Learning



National Pupil Database



Higher Education Statistics Authority

But the Learning Records Service can become a key component of UCD

Learners will:

Later on, when interacting with learning providers which act as their own awarding bodies (such as universities, trade and professional bodies, MOOCs etc), learners will be able to pull down further qualifications directly to their wallet.