Users need to be able to Control the sharing of their Data within and between most sectors in society. They should be able to . . .

. . . all while remaining safe online, with their data and privacy protected

To make all this happen, there’s a need for new tech working on the side of users. It’s called a digital wallet.

The user controls . . .

who puts data in….

and who takes what data out….

. . but they cannot change the data, otherwise no one would trust it


We think users should have a choice of digital wallet providers

It will be like choosing a retail bank (and, in fact, banks may begin to offer PDSs)

Giving users a choice of wallet provider delivers many side benefits.
They will be able to:

sign up to participating service providers with just a few clicks

avoid lock-in to an email address or social networking account

control which merchants can send marketing material

avoid phishing attacks, since the identity of all service providers will be established more clearly

avoid the confusion of too many usernames and passwords

easily assist a vulnerable person manage their affairs online

get advice by giving access to a personal Artificial Intelligence (and change to a different one if not happy)

communicate securely, person-to-person and person-to-organization, regardless of which wallet provider has been chosen

UCD may sound good, but there is a lot to sort out.
And no one organisation can make much progress alone.