The Open Banking initiative is a step towards UCD, since the two new types of Trusted Third Party (TTP) map well onto PDS providers and Service Provider Acquirers.

An Account Information Service Provider (AISP) is similar to a PDS provider in that it enables an individual to aggregate data from different bank accounts. But the data is limited to descriptions of transactions


And an Open Banking Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) is a little like a Service Provider Acquirer (SPA) in that it enables the SP to transact with an agent – in this case a bank – of the individual’s choosing

the retail banks released proof-of-identity to an individual's AISP, along with transaction data
(what might be called) an AISP++ could use this data to help a user prove identity to another bank when opening a new account, or to DWP when claiming universal credit, or to any other party . . . .
much as
a PDS will used by an individual to show qualification data, provided by a learning provider, to a new learning provider or an employer
there is a prospect here of convergence between Open Banking and User Control of Data, providing broad benefits