Is UCDx CIC independent of PIB-d Ltd ?

Yes. Although UCD has been developed as a concept largely by PIB-d Ltd, it has long been apparent that – in order to win the necessary trust – the project has to be led by a public-interest body. This realisation led to the creation, in 2020, of UCDx as a community interest company, using funding […]

Is UCDx linked to TrustoverIP

We may (or may not) join soon. TrustoverIP  ( is a grouping of organizations formed in 2020 to develop a ‘full-stack’ of standards –  not just technology but also governance – for internet scale digital trust. UCD, in contrast, is a coherent set of business, technical, organization and governance models, together with a route to […]

Is UCDx linked to the Open Identity Exchange ?

Yes. OIX ( is a forum in which public and private sector organisations gather to discuss issues related to digital identity and personal data exchange. From time to time OIX members collaborate on a new schemes, i.e. new ways to makes tangible progress in the field. UCDx is a member of OIX, and the UCD […]