Google & antitrust

Yesterday, on the 20th October, the US Department of Justice, joined by 11 US states, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. The lawsuit, submitted in federal court in Washington DS, accuses Google  of attempting to monoplize the marker for search-generated advertising, using contracts –  such as the agreement with Apple to put its search app […]

Names: SSI &/or UCD ?

Naming things is hard. Names that mean one thing when first conceived have the alarming habit of acquiring different connotations as time passes, mostly unexpected and unwanted. I should know. Twenty years ago, I started my first company in the identity field. It was called Edentity. Back in those happy days, it was easy to […]

Surveillance Capitalism

Sometimes, it can help – when explaining a set of ideas  – to describe their opposite. For UCD, this task has been ably accomplished by Shoshana Zuboff, a professor at Harvard Business School. In her 2019 book ‘ The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’, and various earlier articles,  Prof Zuboff explains how users of technology have […]