Conditionally. UCDx has been set up as a public-interest entity to govern the proposed UCD infrastructure, using funding provided by InnovateUK in response to a grant application submitted by PIB-d Ltd.

Jisc is a shareholder in PIB-d Ltd (, a commercial company created  – as far back as 2011 – to develop UCD type infrastructure. While UCDx and PIB-d Ltd are independent of each other, PIB-d may in time bid to UCDx for a concession contract to run UCD pilots.

Jisc has indicated that (i) it believes that UCD type infrastructure is necessary; but that (ii) a UCD development project is only feasible if there is general support throughout the education sector, led by the relevant parts of government (in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast).

In consequence, it seems fair to say that Jisc’s support for UCD is conditional on winning support from government.