The ‘Identity and Attribute Exchange (IAX)’ scheme is being designed by the Government Digital Service as a  successor to Verify.

While full details have yet to emerge, it is thought that IAX will adopt similar principles to Verify, but government itself will not be involved in delivery, i.e. there will be no equivalent to the ‘hub’  (similar to a Service Provider Acquirer in UCD) operated by GDS for Verify; and thus all component parts will be provided by the private sector.

UCD is, in principal, compatible with IAX, since it can be seen as a intermediary commissioned by the individual to enable the sharing of attributes between parties. It is (almost) immaterial whether these attributes are related to ‘legal identity’ and shared between an IAX identity provider and a government department, or whether they are qualifications for sharing between between a learning provider and an employer. The functionality is the same in both cases. Provided it reaches critical mass, UCD should offer lower costs, since it will serve as a (distributed) platform for many atttribute-sharing applications.