UCD will be compatible with all relevant government regulation.

At the time of writing – in May 2024 – the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology is nearing publication of the first official version of UKDIATF. The actual publication date is likely to coincide with the enactment of the Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill, now expected early in the life of the next Parliament (assming that the new government does not wish to make significant changes.).

Despite their names, DPDI and UKDIATF are focused on the proofing of digital identity, and its use by individuals to interact with service providers. As yet, government has not thought through the implications of enabling an individual to use a digital wallet for many different kinds of personal data, not just identity but also qualifications, student-status, blue-badges, credit-worthiness, etc.

UCDx plans to participate in the development process to regulate such multi-application wallets, and will ensure compliance witht the resulting reqirements. UCD is likely to be become a ‘scheme’ under a future version of UKDIATF.