UKAMF enables an individual to use a single username and password, provided by their home institution (say a university or college), to gain access to online resources provided by others, typically a publisher. The publisher will grant or deny access based on information – attributes – released by the home institution. More info can be found at

UCD goes  a big step further, enabling an individual to choose a wallet provider as their personal agent, i.e. as an intermediary in (potentially) all their online relationships, including that with their home institution.

Thus an individual will keep  the same wallet – possibly porting it from one provider to another – throughout their educational career, and will be able to use it to share attributes from any party to any other.  So UCD will be able to offer not just the functionality provided by UKAMF, but much more, starting with a portable personal achievement record, proof-of-student status, low value payment, proof of identity etc.