UCD can – over time –  provide a range of online applications which government needs, and will do so in a privacy enhancing and secure way.  These include enabling an individual to

The first two of applications – identity and proof of age –  are acknowledged as necessary by DCMS and are the subject of current or recent work; the third – i.e. the achievement record –  was acknowledged as a good idea in 2019 by the then Secretary of State for Education, and has been listed as a candidate for future work in a recent report (July 2020) from the Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation (as hosted by DCMS).

The technology required for UCD is now mostly in place, and can be regarded as a variant of recent work on “self-sovereign identity”, led by companies such as Evernym. The Trust Over IP Foundation is now working – in a necessarily general way – on matters of governance etc.

What UCD contributes are coherent business, funding,  and governance models – together with a credible route to scale –  required for the implementation of these technologies at scale in the UK.