Why should government be interested in UCD ?

UCD can – over time –  provide a range of online applications which government needs, and will do so in a privacy enhancing and secure way.  These include enabling an individual to share proof of identity – from an IdP or bank – to other services providers, such as DWP when claiming universal credit, or […]

Who will be the first PDS providers?

There is already one PDS provider in the UK, Mydex CIC. It seems to be active mainly in the health sector. But the new approach can only become infrastructure, and reach national scale, if users are given a choice between different PDS providers, and are assured of interoperability and account portabiity between them. When this […]

Why should I, as an individual, want a PDS account?

It won’t change your life. But doing stuff on line will gradually become better: few usernames and passwords better security and privacy greater convenience as you find you can control the sharing of data provided by one service provider to other service providers, starting in education with a portable personal achievement record and greater choice, […]