Why should government be interested in UCD ?

UCD can – over time –  provide a range of necessary online applications which government needs, but cannot easily provide itself because of the need for such applications to be used not only in the individual to government relationship, but also between individual., and between an individual and a private sector service provder. These applications […]

Who will be the first wallet providers?

UCD can only become infrastructure, and reach national scale, if users are given a choice between different wallet providers, and are assured of interoperability and account portabiity between them. Initially, we expect that wallet providers will be SMEs, suitably regulated by DSIT, and presently acting as commercial identity proofing providers (IdPPs). Many of these companies […]

Why should I, as an individual, want a UCD-style digital wallet ?

It won’t change your life. But doing stuff on line will gradually become better. You won’t have to manage as many usernames and passwords, or other authentication mechansims. You will enjoy bank-grade security, & better privacy. And life will become easier, since you will be able to do more things online more easily, all based […]